Specials & Plans

Purchase a “plan” instead of customizing the whole photo-shoot!

Available Plans:

Family Plan: A family photo-shoot to update those old family portraits! Catch it when your whole family is in town or just with you immediate family. Photo-shoot will be located at the beach. Regular family rates will apply (see “Rates” page). Tips: Dress alike (matching colors, shirts, accessories  etc), Be relaxed and act natural, find poses that suit your family’s personalities. You can even include family pets!

High School Senior Special: Are you a senior? there is a lot to take photos of this year! Prom and Graduation are a big deal! If you purchase this special you will receive two free 5x7s with the purchase of any of the printing packages (custom package excluded).Plan includes a Prom and Graduation shoot at place of your choice. Single Person: $40. Couples: $50. Group: $60 for up to 3 people, add on an extra $10 for each additional person. Available for limited time only.

Lover’s Plan: Perfect for married couples, engaged couples and dating couples! Plan includes a romantic photo-shoot of you and you lover in beautiful downtown St Augustine. Full day shoot. $60 for up to 4 hours of photo-shoot (includes editing fees). Tips: dress to match each other, bring props that match your personalities, flowers, etc.

Dance Audition Plan: Auditioning for a summer intensive or a show? I will come to your school of dance and take the photos (or videos) you need for the audition. Digital copies only, $35. Buy a package, $30. *Add a head-shot for additional $10 (plus printing fees) Tips: Dress in proper dance attire, no shirts, skirts or shorts, hair in bun.

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